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Carmondo Web 2.0 Community

Sixt e-ventures, a subsidiary of the Sixt AG Company for Internet-based solutions and technologies in the mobility area, has launched a new platform for auto enthusiasts in the shape of the new Internet community

In the initial phase of the project, Roland Freise was commissioned to prepare the home pages and core functions.

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Spiegel To Go

Spiegel Mobile

Traveling and nonetheless up to date and comprehensively informed - from now on there is nothing to stop it. SPIEGEL ONLINE is accessible immediately anywhere at any time via a mobile phone.

Roland Freise was commissioned to design SPIEGEL MOBILE, and accompanied the project from the initial presentation of ideas to the implementation of the entire style guide for the various classes of mobile phone.

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r. freise

Since 1999 Roland Freise has worked in international agency networks and as a freelancer for business enterprises. Roland has placed his focus on online marketing and mobile phone business-strategy.

Roland Freise
Information Architecture &
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