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Projects launched for Strato, Unitymedia and simyo!

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Roland Freise successfully implemented projects for Strato, Unitymedia and simyo.


Flat-rate tariff:
The mobile phone discounter simyo has offered a flat-rate tariff since October. For an economical fixed payment, simyo customers can telephone without limit in the conventional telephone network and to other simyo customers.

Phone number portability:
At last there is an economical alternative for anyone who ultimately wants to make mobile phone calls even more cheaply but doesn’t want to lose their previous mobile phone number at the same time. Everyone can now also keep their old phone number - entirely without any contractual obligation.

In this context Roland Freise created the concept to integrate phone number portability and the new tariffs into all the relevant pages and ordering processes on

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Since 1999 Roland Freise has worked in international agency networks and as a freelancer for business enterprises. Roland has placed his focus on online marketing and mobile phone business-strategy.

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