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From 2006 to 2008 Warner was the first major Hollywood studio to offer films and TV series to download to a PC. The company uses a technology, an online exchange service, against which it had itself still taken legal action in the past. This meant a fundamental change from the customers point of view. For the first time movie enthusiasts with internet access were not criminalized, instead they received a high-quality product range meeting their needs.

Roland Freise undertook the design of the accompanying Internet site and of parts of the download client interface in the context of his work with the contracted agency.

09. August 2007

Spiegel To Go

Spiegel Mobile

Traveling and nonetheless up to date and comprehensively informed - from now on there is nothing to stop it. SPIEGEL ONLINE is accessible immediately anywhere at any time via a mobile phone.

Roland Freise was commissioned to design SPIEGEL MOBILE, and accompanied the project from the initial presentation of ideas to the implementation of the entire style guide for the various classes of mobile phone.

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Axel Springer publishing company

Axel Springer Verlag

Europes biggest LED display was commissioned on the roof of the Axel Springer building in Berlin-Kreuzberg on 1st February 2006. It is 50 m wide, weighs 16.7 tons and consists of 9,676,800 individual LEDs.

The design challenge for Roland Freise consisted of developing suitable ideas for the multi-media playback of this extremely elongated display format.

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Jura coffee beans world championship

The Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Jura presented its compliments to its dealers and invited them to take part in an Internet competition in which the prizes were 100 tickets for the 2006 Football World Championship. The “Goalwall” mail shot was developed for this purpose. A self-mailer which when unfolded turned into a goal wall. With this Jura enclosed a handful of coffee beans which the recipient was intended to flick through the goal wall. Afterwards the recipient could register on the Internet, play the on-line game and hopefully travel to the World Championship as the lucky winner.

Roland Freise concepted the implementation of the competition mechanics and of the process procedures.


09. August 2007

New TV station image for NBC Universal

Das Vierte

Roland Freise was commissioned to work out the concept of the Internet presence
for the launch of the new TV station brand “DAS VIERTE”.

Winner of the EYES & EARS AWARD 2006

09. August 2007

Loyalty program for Coca-Cola

Loyalty Programm for Coca-Cola

Design of a loyalty program - Roland Freise’s design work included the competition mechanics, mobile phone marketing and site architecture of a sport and lifestyle drink.

09. August 2007

WEB 2.0 Project for the Deutsche Telekom AG Company


As part of a major concept designer team, Roland Freise prepared the requirements catalogue of a multi-media communications platform for the Deutsche Telekom AG Company, the biggest german telephone company, under contract to the I-D Media AG Company, Berlin.

The T-Community was Deutsche Telekom’s answer to the prolonged social community Internet movement. With T-Community Deutsche Telekom met the competition from other social community networks such as studiVZ, myspace or facebook. Within the T-Community, registered users were offered a comprehensive content offer, e.g. the creation of personal blogs, home pages, picture galleries or a partner finder. In so doing, Deutsche Telekom ventured an initial big step towards WEB 2.0.

09. August 2007

Mobile Weather Services - Weathernews Inc.


Under contract to Weathernews Inc. in Tokyo, the worlds biggest private weather business, Roland Freise coordinated the implementation of the on-line and off-line market research activities to rework the mobile contents for the German market.

In addition to tasks in concept design and project planning, he acted in the company headquarters in Tokyo as a central interface between the front-end and back-end development, and undertook the production management up to the launch of numerous innovative mobile contents.

09. August 2007

Redesign of Vodafones on-line shop

Vodafone Shop

First of all Roland Freise subjected Vodafone`s online shop to a comprehensive analysis. After that Vodafone appointed him to redesign the most important core pages. In addition to the concept design and project steering, Roland Freise recruited a freelance art director and a team of freelance programmers with which he carried out the implementation and brought the project to a successful conclusion.

01. August 2004

WOM - World of Music for Karstadt Quelle


A prizewinning concept of innovative mobile Internet services for the WOM - World of Music music chain:

The FIRSTmove Award 2004 young talent promotion prize was awarded to Roland Freise for this project. In addition he was nominated for the Raymond Loewy Junior Designer Award 2002.

Concepts for integrated communications are awarded to young creative talents by the International Trade Fair (Horizont magazine) for Marketing and Communications. Of the 40 submitted projects in 2004, the jury awarded prizes to the three best works. One of them belonged to Roland Freise.

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