ECCO - New routes to customers

August 9th, 2007


The Scandinavian shoe brand ECCO has started to implement its worldwide e-commerce and Internet strategy.Thus ECCO has given the green light to expand its international direct marketing via the Web.

Roland Freise developed the web site design as part of a project team.

“We have to get closer to the customer is how Claus Kjaersgaard, Marketing Director of ECCO, explains the aim of the realignment. In the next few years ECCO will use an innovative multi-channel concept to expand its indirect marketing through the classical retail trade by adding direct marketing in 45 countries via the Internet.

The result: The consumer becomes part of the design process and the company becomes part of the product experience. Beyond simply marketing shoes and accessories, ECCO will communicate and exchange opinions with consumers and dealers on the Web.

“Shoes designed to move you“ in future the ECCO brands mission will also reach millions of consumers at close quarters via the Web. Niels A. Schuldt, ECCOs Digital Media Manager, announced that this will involve a real exchange thanks to the capabilities of Web 2.0.

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