Tiguan Base - Mobile Lead Campaign for Volkswagen.

August 9th, 2007

Tiguan Handy PortalTiguan Handy Cam

Volkswagen made it possible to experience the Tiguan in a virtual showroom. Potential customers  experienced the development of the new four wheel drive vehicle from show car to series production vehicle.

Auto enthusiasts catched a glimpse of the real Tiguan in September 2007. Volkswagen had a special service for all Internet users: Fans of the brand or the automobile were able to follow the development of the small Touareg on the Internet. Interviews and short films explain to users how a show car for trade fairs is turned into a series production vehicle.

But thats not all. The closer the official presentation of the Tiguan came, the more information was be available on the Internet. The first images of the series production vehicle were already shown and virtual test drives were possible in June 2007, i.e. three months before the IAA.

Roland Freise was commissioned to design the mobile contents for all the participating European countries. At “Tiguan Base” potential customers were able to download a link to numerous mobile contents for the commonest types of mobile. Developers and designers of the new Tiguan gave insights in exclusive contents and exciting live video reports in a weekly mobile blog. Photo slideshows and wallpaper downloads represented additional extras.

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